Pappe #092

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Cardboard (german "Pappe"), original painted with stencil, spray can and acrylic paint.
Every "Pappe" is an unique and original piece of art.


The first "Pappenschlacht" (battle of cardboard) took place in 2009 at "halbacht" Gallery in Hamburg St. Pauli. One of mittenimwalds first exhibitions. The second edition "Pappenschlacht 2.0" was in 2020 at mittenimwalds pop-up-store.
"Pappenschlacht 3.0" is a completely virtual edition and starts on december 1st and ends at the end of december or when the cardboards are sold out.

Größe oder Maße

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ca. 7,4 x 10,5 cm


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Grey board, 2-3 mm


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The grey board is not acid-free! This piece of art is not for eternity, it is aging and perhabs slightly change its color.